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Flag Ecology is managed by Brian Banks, an Ecologist with 31 years experience in the environmental sector and a Member of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management.  He undertakes protected species and habitat surveys, monitoring and mitigation, and EPS licence applications. His particular specialisms include amphibians and reptiles and he holds survey licences for great crested newt, natterjack toad, sand lizard and smooth snake. He has played a lead role in the north American bullfrog eradication project in south-east England over the past ten years.

He has a long-term interest in the management of lowland and coastal habitats, with a particular interest in vegetated shingle and wetlands. He provides conservation advice on a number of Biodiversity Action Plan species, including the short-haired bumblebee reintroduction project in south east England. He also holds a survey licence for medicinal leech.

Prior to working in consultancy, Brian’s professional skills were developed in English statutory nature conservation agencies, where he worked on statutorily designated sites and protected species and had management experience leading the Conservation Officer unit in English Nature's Kent team.

We work with a number of associates who are able to broaden the services that Flag Ecology is able to offer, bringing in protected species such as bats, hazel dormouse and water vole.

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