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Mitigation strategies
When a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal identifies the presence of significant features, such as a protected species or rare habitat, the local planning authority are likely to require a mitigation strategy to avoid them being harmed.  This may include:

• Measures to protect valuable habitats.
• The capture and removal of protected species from the development footprint.
• Creation of new habitat as a receptor site for animals that have to be moved.
• Enhancements to benefit species that are listed on national or local Biodiversity Action Plans..

Mowing of vegetation is used to concentrate reptiles to areas of long grass
where they can be captured and moved to a suitably managed receptor site.  
The plastic fence prevents recolonisation of the site.”

European protected species license

Species that are listed on the Habitats and Species Directive are particularly stringently protected and may require European Protected Species Mitigation licenses before developments with planning permission can proceed.  Our surveys generate the data that is used in licence applications, and we will help you to design a mitigation package that will help you to obtain a licence successfully.

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